“The Johnson Chronicles” is a bold, funny, sensual, historical, and conversational ‘body memoir. A sling of vignettes, intellectual dozens, vows ... affirmations about size, fatherhood, intimacy – and the pleasure & pain of living with the personal, political and mythological Johnson.


Peter J. Harris – founder and Artistic Director of Inspiration House – is an African American cultural worker who has since the 1970s published poetry, essays, and fiction in a wide range of national publications.


presents A STAGED READING of...


Kenny Cooper • Ray Dennis • Keenon Harris • Joshua Lee Johnson

John Marshall Jones • Mark V. Jones • Daniel Martin • RCB


Felton Perry


Walk Ups Please RSVP

2pm Sat

October 20, 2012

Stella Adler Theatre

6773 Hollywood Blvd

LA CA 90028

Rated “R”

Adult Themed Material

Produced by Towne Street Theatre in association with Stella Adler-LA