A black man has been arrested for the murder of a white L.A.P.D. officer, but claims self-defense. How will the community of Quant Grove react to one of its own being arrested? Will L.A. once again burn and the city be divided by race? 


Mark V. Jones is a Los Angeles based actor / director / playwright whose produced works include “Souls To Take,” “Biscuit, CB and What-His-Face” and “Very Strange Fruit.”


Zoe Cotton • Emmanuel King • Franceska Lynne • Mack Miles • Tien Pham

Diane Sellers • Whit Spurgeon • Veronica Thompson • Angela Tom

Kimberly Trew • Adolphus Ward • Tenere Williams • Nina Womack



Mark V. Jones

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June 19, 2012

The Attic Theatre

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