Before their 40th reunion, six high school classmates reunite for a Bahamas vacation. After four sip water from a fountain with “healing properties,” they awake with younger bodies; their minds and memories, however, remain unchanged. What happens NOW?!


Harriet A. Dickey is a Los Angeles based playwright whose numerous TV and stage credits include the acclaimed production of “Joleta,” a 2001 NAACP Theatre Award Winner for Best Playwright Local.



Guerin Barry • Susan Berger • Miriam Birch • Hank Cohen

Jacque  Lynn Colton • Barbara A. Fisher • Mark V. Jones • Emmanuel King

Sheila Korsi • Steve Meek • Mack Miles • Anita Noble

Raquel Rosser • Lynndi Scott • Diane Sellers • Londale Theus


Raf Mauro

8pm Tues

May 22, 2012

Stella Adler Theatre

6773 Hollywood Blvd

LA CA 90028

presents  A STAGED


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Produced by

Towne Street Theatre

in association with

Stella Adler-LA