Circa 1920’s

Like a moth to a flame, Irene Westover Redfield is drawn to childhood friend Clare Kendry Bellew. Both share a secret. Their birth certificates read “Negro” but both can — and do — pass as white; Irene when it suits her, Clare as a life choice. A riveting memory play, PassingSOLO explores the conflicting demands of race and friendship...the slippery line between trust and deception ... always with the danger of discovery.

Award-winning Actor / Director / Producer Nancy Cheryll Davis portrays both Irene and Clare, whose renewed friendship exposes the price paid in a society where freedom is bought with deceit.

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    1. All Studies - Literary / Theatre / Performance / Gender / Ethnic

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    7. Includes Q & A

    8. Duration 45 min (flexible)

A solo performance


Nancy Cheryll Davis

Adapted from

Nella Larsen’s novella

& the popular TST play

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(213) 712-6944

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    1. CD player

    2. LCD projector (optional)

    3. 1 small table & 2 chairs