A solo performance


Nancy Cheryll Davis

Adapted from

Nella Larsen’s novella

& the popular TST play

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The Towne Street Theater Advisory Board
cordially invites you to an Afternoon Affair...
Starring Nancy Cheryll Davis
Directed by Nancy Reneé & Tony Robinson

3 pm
Sunday October 17
View Park Private Residence
Directions with Ticket purchase

All Proceeds Benefit TST Programming
 • Musical Theatre Camp for Kids
 • 10 Minute Play Festival • Original Plays 
 • Black Classic Series • Reading Series

Tickets by Phone


Passing  SOLO

Tickets $25.00

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“When truth  is not an option.”



Circa 1920’s. Like a moth to a flame, Irene Westover Redfield is drawn to childhood friend Clare Kendry Bellew, who’s suddenly reappeared in her life. Both share a secret. Their birth certificates read “Negro” but both can — and do — pass as white; Irene when it suits her, Clare as a life choice. A memory play, PassingSOLO explores the conflicting demands of race and friendship ... the slippery line between trust and deception ... always with the danger of discovery. Nancy Cheryll Davis portrays both Irene and Clare, as their renewed friendship exposes the price we pay in a society where freedom is bought with deceit.