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Re: Sister Cities

August 31, 2012

Ms. Nancy Cheryll Davis

Dear Nancy:

For some time i’ve wanted to write you a note congratulating you on the wonderful shows that Towne Street Theatre offers.

In 2010, I went to see the play ‘Langston and Nicolas’ regarding the friendship of Langston Hughes and the Cuban poet Nicolàs Guillen. As you well know, I went with a couple, one of whom is Cuban. He knew the whole story about this famous poet, and was as impressed as I was on how beautiful the play was directed and performed.

A few days ago I went to see ‘Sister Cities,’ a play that you directed. You have no idea how impressed I was, as well as the friend that accompanied me. This show was a sad story, very well directed and played. The actors were fantastic. I can’t say one was better than the other, because all of them acted according to the position each was playing.

I am very well aware you also direct shows for young students during the summer, giving them opportunities to show their talents, which can provide them with a better future. This is an experience that very few other people would give them.

Other than being a Director in the Towne Street Theatre, I know you have a full time job. Like if that isn’t enough, you also do ‘one woman’ touring shows. I would very much hope that someday I can have the opportunity to see one of those shows.

Congratulations to all the members of the Towne Street Theatre. Like indicated, your mission is to affect social change through art. I believe you are successfully doing this with all the wonderful shows you are offering. Congratulations to all involved and especially to you for all the work you do.

I wish you all the best for a successful future.


Maria C. Rivera

Re: TST Glee!


Congratulations on all of the wonderful activities I keep hearing about from Towne Street Theatre!!!!! 

I am in Philadelphia, but remember meeting Ms. Bellamy-Davis when I was in Los Angeles. 

Bravo, bravo and continued productivity!!!!!!!

Love and blessings,

Dr. Niama L. Williams

Re: TST Reading Series / The Reverend’s Good Wife


I really enjoyed myself. This was my first Reading and I did not know what to expect.

My friends also enjoyed it. You can count on my continued support.

Happy Easter to you also.

Bunny Withers

Re: PassingSOLO


My friend and I attended the play "PassingSOLO" yesterday at the Stella Adler Theatre.

Your portrayals of both Irene and Clare were excellent.

Their distinct and interesting personalities were clearly defined and well delivered!

I loved the playful expressiveness in your voice and in your face.

Thank you for sharing your incredible talent through this poignant portrayal of characters in a meaningful story.

I would very much enjoy seeing you in another production.

So please place my name on the mailing list.

Kind Regards,

Miki Nagao

Re: The Wiz

Nancy Davis-Bellamy & Staff...

Words cannot express my gratefulness to Towne Street Theatre and their summer camp staff 2008. Words cannot express my gratefulness to Towne Street Theatre and their Summer Camp Staff 2008. My son Brad has a condition that affects his speech and socialization skills. I was searching for a program that would help strengthen these skills. Last year was his first year at Towne Street Theatre Camp. He loved the experience and looks at the DVD often to recapture the moments of exhilaration being on stage and singing the songs. I was on a mission to expose him to as many experiences that I could to develop these areas. Last year when I would drop him off I could feel the passion the staff had for theater and cultivating the raw talent of these young people. It was not until I saw the production of "Beauty And The Beast" that I could see the development of the professional acting, makeup, costuming and the talent that they produced.

This year was the coup de grace, when we sat through the performance of "The Wiz," and I saw my son perform five characters throughout the play. I was astounded by his growth.

Thank you Nancy Renee for 'giving Brad a chance,' by allowing him to participate in a big way and being included in this phenomenal experience. I thank you, thank you, thank you for giving my son a memorable experience. Thank you for creating the space for my husband and I to feel proud and encouraged at possibilities. Thank you for all the good work you do for all young people. It is programs and people like yourselves that restores faith in commitment, quality, fortitude and vision. You are a great role model for dream keepers.

Eternally grateful,

Florence Brady, Mom

P.S. I was turned away by another theater camp a few years ago, and was told that they couldn't teach my son, and that they were sorry. Thank you again for proving them wrong and making our dreams come true.

Re: Ten-Minute Play Festival

Hey Pavel,

Thanks for the tickets — I had a great time at the show!

The 10 minute plays were perfect for us who have theater A.D.D.

The plays were all different and yet were enjoyable together.

Yours (Sir Edmund Walter Has A Thought) was great, and got some big laughs.

Thanks again,

Dan Akronowitz

Re: Play Readings

Dear Diane,

I cannot thank you enough for participating in the readings of our students' plays on Thursday. Your readings helped to bring the plays to life with vivid portrayals of each character you embodied. I know that our student playwrights got enormous benefit out of hearing their words animated with your finely attuned inflections and gestures. I send you another round of appreciation for your gracious time and effort on behalf of our students.

It was a delight to meet you and to learn about the Towne Street Theatre. I hope that we can do some things together with the company in the future. I can imagine some good opportunities to collaborate.

With many thanks, once again!


Kirsten Grimstad, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

B.A. in Liberal Studies Program

Antioch University Los Angeles

400 Corporate Pointe

Culver City, CA  90230

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