Zombie Tale by David Lindsey

1700 on a Caribbean island; old plantation country life, sandy beaches, wind swept palm trees, great ocean breeze, and oh yes – Zombies. May we book your stay?

Director: Nancy Renée

Purchasing Power by Benjamin Marshall

A wealthy young black man enters a fancy boutique to buy the one commodity that will protect him in difficult, social encounters ... a white man.

Director: Nancy Cheryll Davis

Your Haunted Heart And Me by Amani Starnes

Before Malia can begin a family of her own, she must confront the secrets and ghosts of the family she never knew.

Director: Nancy Cheryll Davis

Transition by Peter Snoad

Invited to a hotel room, Andy is greeted by a man who claims to be Walter, an old friend and colleague. But how can that be? Walter was white, and this man is black ... A 2009 Festival Favorite!

Director: Raf Mauro

Yea Uh Huh by Sy Richardson

A young man meets a beautiful young woman on the beach and unwittingly experiences a strange and unexpected encounter. A 2007 Festival Favorite!

Director: Sarah A. Bauer

1969 by Barbara White Morgan

Two revolutionaries, one woman and the police. An explosive cocktail.

Director: Kim Harrington

Vote Here by Jeff Carter

When John Crabbly, an African American teacher, goes to his local polling station to vote in the presidential election, he finds that nearly everything about the voting process has been oddly compromised.

Director: Diane Sellers

Galveston by George Corbin

In August 1904, two desperate immigrants seeking entry into the U.S. find their dream threatened when their eligibility is questioned.

Director: Veronica Thompson

When The Smoke Clears by Porcha Evans

What promised to be a memorable 21st birthday for Trinity Taylor turns into a memory she wasn't quite expecting.

Director: Mark V. Jones

The Abortion Clause by Mark V. Jones

In a not so distant future where no parents have gone before, James and Mary have devised a fail-safe plan to move “slacker” son Thomas into action.

Director: Raf Mauro


Joseph  Andrew • Brett Baker • Thomas Bell
Kenneth Steven Bernfeld • Roslyn Cohn • Kenny Cooper • Zoe Cotton • Barika  A. Croom
 Ray Dennis • Barbara A. Fisher • Kandace Janae • Mark V. Jones • Jackie Marriott 
Mack Miles • Brandon Morales • Jaimyon Parker • Tien Pham • RCB • Bob Rodriguez
Raquel Rosser • Aries Sanders • Diane Sellers • Brittany Sinkler • Amani Starnes • Teressa Taylor  
Veronica Thompson • Lamar Usher • Joahn Webb • Kenya Williams

Nancy Cheryll Davis-Bellamy • Artistic Director / Producer
Nancy Renée • Producer / Director
Nathaniel Bellamy • Production Design / Producer 
Veronica Thompson • Producer / Director
Mark V. Jones • Set / Director
Sarah A. Bauer • Production Stage Manager / Director

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#1 The Abortion Clause by Mark V. Jones

#2 Vote Here by Jeff Carter

#3 Transition by Peter Snoad

#4 Galveston by George Corbin